We finally got some gameplay footage of Sonic Frontiers via IGN on Wednesday as well as today! Sonic Frontiers is the blue blur's first open world game, which isn't too surprising since many triple a titles are going down that open world route. This is the month of Sonic, and while we knew we were going to get some information this month we had no clue we wouldn't have to wait until the Summer Game Fest to see Frontiers footage! In the first gameplay trailer, we got a glimpse into how Sonic interacts with the new environment. Familiar objects such as grinding rails and springs are still here but it looks like the player will have to solve puzzles in order to progress. There are also new collectibles such as coins and fruit that appear throughout the map. We'll have to wait to see exactly what each power up does though!

Now let's talk about the other gameplay footage we've got today. In this next portion, IGN showed off the combat in the game as well as some new enemies! These look completely different from the typical badniks and "Eggman Robots" from past games. Sonic also seems to be sporting some new moves, instead of rolling into a ball to attack his enemies he's kicking and performing new tricks to deal blows! After defeating enemies, there's yet another new collectible that Sonic can collect which are blue shards. Could it be that Eggman might not be the main protagonist of Frontiers? Perhaps he's teaming up with a new enemy and this new enemy has a robot army of his own? We'll have to wait and see future updates! Here is the combat trailer IGN posted today. What are your thoughts on Sonic Frontiers?

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