There's a glaring problem with gaming journalism and Sonic the Hedgehog. Most gaming reviews based around a Sonic the Hedgehog title tend to start with "Sonic had a rough transition into 3D" and the most annoying aspect of lots of reviews is when they mention Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) and Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric. Big gaming sites such as IGN and Kotaku have done this numerous times in the past, but recently a new contender has appeared and that's Digital Trends. This site was giving a review copy of Sonic Frontiers, the latest 3D Sonic title that is on all platforms. Prior to the game being released, they shared a tiny bit of gameplay and even praised the title. So what happened when it came time to write a review and give the game a rating? They absolutely review bombed the game, giving it a very poor score of 2 out of 10! But when the bug riddle, poor performing new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games were out they gave that game a 7/10! This is absolutely all down to the fact that the site is biased, like most other sites when it comes to games. Since Frontiers is a Sonic game, they gave the game a poor score. I've been playing both games, and I have yet to notice any performance issues with Sonic but Scarlet has been very sluggish, just doing simple tasks such as running around the map. Look I understand that the two games are different genres, yet they are still similar in ways. You cannot tell me that Digital Trends is unbiased when they gave a game that performs poorly a decent score and a fun, enjoyable game with far less bugs a 2/10 and of course they started their review out with "Hah remember how bad Sonic 06 and Rise of Lyric were? Let's talk about those instead of the other 3D titles that were actually good to get more readers!" Anyways Sonic Frontiers is a good game, don't listen to game reviewers, go buy it and enjoy! I will get around to writing my own review on the game so do look out for that!

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