The year was 1999, Sonic Adventure was just release in Japan late 1998 and fans around the world would have to wait until late 1999 to play Sonic's latest video game. What was going on in the Sonic community at the time? Well in May of 1999, a Sonic fan known as Cyan Helkaraxe decided to mess around with the Sonic community and claim that he had a copy of Sonic 1 Beta. He contacted Simon Wai, the owner of the Sonic 2 Beta Page claiming he had a prototype of Sonic 1. Fans eagerly downloaded the rom and started playing it on their early Sega Genesis emulators. Eventually, Cyan would come out and confess that the rom he shared was indeed just a hoax... But it started a new hobby for Sonic fans! This was how Sonic Rom hacking came to be! The following video shows complete gameplay footage of the very first Sonic rom hack played by yours truly. This is the beginning of a new series I have started on Youtube and will continue to share my footage here on the blog as well. Feel free to give it a watch! The rom itself is in a link provided in the video's description.

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