Recently Sega partnered with Sakar to make a Sonic the Hedgehog theme gaming kit that includes a mechanical keyboard with RGB lights, a headset, and a RGB gaming mouse. The original retail price was around $40, my best friend got me the kit for just $20 from Big Lots. Anyways I am currently using this keyboard since I wanted to get a new keyboard and mouse for my gaming PC. How well does the kit perform? Read more to find out!

First off I want to talk about the keyboard. The keys themselves feel a bit spongy, but get the job done. I went from a basic membrane keyboard so to me this is a upgrade. If you're not a fan of spongy keyboards, you're not going to like this keyboard.The RGB looks great, though in images online I did notice that they photoshopped the rings on the spacebar to appear as if they would light up when the RGB lights are on. They don't unfortunately, but the keyboard still looks nice when lit up. Unfortunately mine seems to be a bit damaged since the keyboard is unbalanced and I did notice a bit of a dent on the back right side of my keyboard.

Next let's talk about the mouse. It fits well in my hand and looks awesome! It's definitely my favorite piece from this kit and I'm glad I finally got a proper gaming mouse. I'm not too well versed when it comes to PC gaming peripherals, but according to the box the mouse has a DPI of 800, 1200. (For those more verse in this please let me know if that's good!) I have no complaints with the mouse.

Lastly it's time to talk about the headset. Unfortunately for me yet again, it seems my headset has a defect. The audio only plays in the left speaker, and it's super quiet. The microphone actually sounds decent, but the headset is virtually useless for me since it doesn't function as a proper headset. I have a good microphone, so I don't need it for that purpose. If you have this kit, please let me know if you ran into this issue.

Overall the Sonic Gaming Combo Kit is a decent kit for any Sonic fan. The keyboard looks great but if you don't like spongy keys you will not like this keyboard. The box is also a bit misleading, however the RGB looks fine. The mouse feels great and works well. The headset was defective, so I couldn't properly use it the way the manufacturer wanted consumers to use it. Since the kit is already a bit outdated it is hard to find online, if you want a kit of your own check out your local Big Lots since they might have one! I give it a 7 out of 10.

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