A Render of Sonic Looking Disappointed

This entire week has been filled with drama between both the Sonic Community and the Genshin Impact community, both eagerly trying to get their favorite game to win Player's Choice in the VGA. The results were no longer being shown to the public, leaving fans of both franchises having to wait until the results were shown during a live stream last night. (Or early Friday morning for those who live outside the US.) Prior to the results being shown public, both games were tied at number one but only one game could win. Sadly, Sonic Frontiers wasn't the game that came up top. Still seeing a Sonic game make it as far as it did is refreshing. Yes it is disappointing that a game that's three years old beat Sonic Frontiers, but we should be thankful and happy that the blue blur made it to the finals! Sonic Frontiers managed to beat AAA titles such as Elden Ring, and God of War Ragnarok when it comes to player choice, that alone is a big deal!

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