Starting tomorrow on October 10th (or later today if you live in a place where it's already the 10th) the public will be able to play all the hacks entered in this years hacking contest! Look out for numerous streams throughout the week from the media panel, there will be streams in multiple different languages as well for our non-English speaking Sonic fans! Look out for the results of the contest on Sunday! Remember that the hacking contest website now has one click installs for numerous 3D and 2DPC mods, making it easier than previous years to play mods of these titles. The public also gets to vote on their favorite Expo entries, so if you wish to vote for your favorites remember you have until the 15th to get these votes placed! Check it all out on the official Sonic Hacking Contest website!

You can also see who is currently streaming on the front page, look up information regarding the contest and check out the vault to play previous entries. There are some great entries that were entered this year, so you're all in for a treat!

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