It's that time of year again, the 2022 Sonic Hacking Contest has gone live. Hackers can start submitting their hacks to the website, for both the expo and the main contest. This year Sonic 3 A.I.R. modifications will be allowed in the contest for the first time as well, opening new opportunities for hackers who modify the game to showcase their work in the contest! Remember when entering your hacks to make sure it meets the quality checks listed on the site, otherwise your submissions may be deleted. You also need to submit footage of your hacks for the trailer as well. Also added this year, one click installs for 2D PC and 3D submitted mods! This will make it easier for everyone to try out these mods, and will hopefully eliminate any technical difficulties that may come from getting the mod loader set up. Your submissions must be added to the site no later than the end of September 4th, and updates will be allowed until the end of September 11th. The expo submission deadline is the end of September 25th, along with the contest trailer submission. The actual results week will be from October 10th to the 16th, during this time the media panel and some judges will be playing all the main contest submissions. During this week, the public is allowed to download and try out the hacks as well. If you're a hacker and want to submit your hacks to the contest, or if you just want to read about the contest check out the site here!

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