BalenaProductions First Tweet

Just recently the Youtuber known as BalenaProductions has been dealing with Youtube marking their 13+ Sonic the Hedgehog animations for kids despite clearly stating at the beginning of each video that these animations are indeed not suitable for kids under the age of 13. Stephen Page, the owner of the channel has reached out to TeamYoutube over on Twitter numerous times in hopes to dispute each claim on his channel, only to lose said disputes. When a video is marked "Made for Kids", the video will automatically be demonetized and the creator will not earn a profit off the video. Not only that, but views plummet and no one can post comments on the video. Sadly BalenaProductions cannot move platforms, and will most likely end up retiring from making videos due to this issue. While some may argue that Sonic is targeted towards children, this still shouldn't be happening when these animations are not deemed suitable for children and are clearly stated as such. For those not familiar with BalenaProductions' work, they are famously known for "Christmas With Sonic", a fan favorite that ran from 2011-2020 that depicts the Blue Blur with his friends and Eggman during the Holidays. We can only hope that Stephen can get a break from Youtube and be able to get this issue resolved soon.

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