Yes you've read that title correctly, a brand new Sonic Retro member who goes by TrooperManiac recently uploaded the entire Sonic 3 and Knuckles soundtrack in a uncompressed, unprocessed form on Youtube. What this means is these are the clearest recordings of the soundtrack we've got, there's no muffled instruments like you'd get on real hardware. TrooperManiac mentioned that they've been working on this project for years, and explained how they did it, here's their direct quote: "Basically I took an oscilloscope and recorded the individual sine waves to painstakingly manually generate a Midi file containing all the notes of each tune. This was played back on a DAFM synth which was recorded using Creative Sound Blaster Z SE 5.1 & Audacity @ 88200hz." I have to applaud them for their hard work! You can listen to the entire soundtrack in the video below.

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