Remember back when the first Sonic movie was announced and we were greeted with that terrible render of Sonic? Many people still wonder if it was all a marketing scheme for Paramount to hype up the movie and that we were never really going to see that version of Sonic in any of the movies. (Or really any movie for that matter.) Well that's all changed, today Disney's newest movie, Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers started streaming on Disney+ and Sonic fans got a surprise. The original Sonic movie designed now known as "Ugly Sonic" makes an appearance pretty early in the film. This time around he's even worse looking than he was in the first trailer of the Sonic movie. He's voiced by Tim Robinson, a comedian who's starred in Saturday Night Live. We live in a time where we now have four different Sonic designs, how strange. Ugly Sonic seems to be a washed up character who's seen better days as depicted bellow. What are your thoughts about this? I think it's funny!

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