April Fools day was yesterday, and Sega hardly ever sleeps on this Holiday. For this year's April Fools day, Sonic Team created a brand new free to download Steam game titled "The Murder of Sonic The Hedgehog." This is Sonic's first official visual novel title where you play as your own original character and figure out who killed our beloved blue hedgehog! This is the first time Sonic Team created a interactive Sonic the Hedgehog April Fools Day joke, in previous years they've made fake trailers for fake game announcements. It is currently standing at a perfect 10 out of 10 stars on Steam. Have you played this title yet? I have yet to actually give it a go, I'm not a fan of visual novel video games and I never download and play them. However, since this is a Sonic title I will be giving it a go when my new computer comes in later this week! Check out the Steam page in the link bellow and give it a go! Let us know how you liked the game!


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